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Wood is beautiful, but it weathers quickly.  And it breaks!

Sorry to be indelicate perhaps, but if you have a male dog in the family, we definitely recommend against wood furniture, especially if you place the furniture in the yard, off the patio or deck.  (Male dogs sometimes think the furniture represents a small bush!)  When it comes to getting “clean”, nothing beats the  material in our furniture.

Competitive Materials Comparison

Cheap Plastic Furniture


Cheap plastics are porous and dirt readily attaches, filling the pores almost over night.  The result: in no time flat that cheap plastic has lost its luster.  It feels dirty and “sticky” to the touch,  losing that smooth feeling it had when purchased at the local discount mega-store.  Virtually no amount of scrubbing with cleaners and a brush can restore it to its original look and feel. 

Besides, a good wind storm will send your cheap plastic furniture sailing—into your pool or even the neighbors yard.



We Ship Our Furniture Unassembled

Furniture is expensive to ship because of it’s bulk, so we ship everything unassembled in order to bring you the best pricing possible.  We include easy to understand instructions.  Our customers tell us that it is gratifying to assemble the furniture themselves.

If you require assembly, call us.  We’ll work with you to get the best pricing for assembly and shipping!!


new thinking

Those who sell wood furniture will tell you it is supposed to “weather”—because that is when the wood becomes beautiful.  That doesn’t work for us.  We like the way wood looks and feels when it is new. 

We don’t like weather beaten wood that looks like it came from the sides of an old barn.  And we don’t like the course feel of weathered wood, the potential for slivers, wood rot, etc.  And we definitely don’t want to go through the nightmare or expense of refinishing it.  Ugh!

“We’ll upgrade to teak,” you say.  We say fine, but you’ll have the same problems regardless of the wood type.  It’s just a matter of time.  A high end catalog company we know, actually shows a picture of their teak furniture when it is “new” and when it is “weathered” to demonstrate its beauty.  Sorry, it looks way better when new to us.

The other issue with it is that can absorb “stuff”—even with a water resistant coating: water, suntan lotion, beverages, you name it.  (See the inset box on the left.) Ugh.




Metal can be nice, but like teak wood, it can be expensive and ultimately it will rust—requiring a refinishing at some point, depending on how harsh or wet the weather is in your area.  The problem is that it is so hard to get it looking like the original.  It’s either expensive to have it professionally refinished—or you need to do it yourself.  Doing it yourself isn’t easy—and it rarely looks like you thought it would, unless you have low expectations.

Wood Furniture