Compare to cheaper plastics

The biggest problem with cheap plastic furniture is that the outdoor weather pits the plastic,—creating tiny pores—sometimes seemingly overnight.  As cheap plastic pits, dirt gets into the plastic’s pores.  Once that happens, t seems that you can never get the plastic as clean as new again.  The high quality, high-density plastic used in Nootin Furniture won’t pit. 

What does that mean?  It means that our furniture material will never feel dirty or sticky.  In fact, years later, it will still look and feel like new!

“It can sit in the sun all day, and when you sit down in it, it’s NOT hot.  Imagine that”

   —Satisfied Customer

Our Revolutionary Material—Marine Grade Polymer

Our furniture is made from flat sheets of “marine-grade” polymer which use the most advanced manufacturing processes available. 

These sheets are environmentally stabilized to withstand harsh marine conditions—which makes it more than ideal for backyard and patio use.

Our material will not rot or discolor like teak and other solid woods and it will not delaminate like wood laminates.

Repair and refinishing due to weathering and decay are eliminated and cleaning is easy.  The handsome matte finish hides scuffs and scratches that would be apparent on glossy finishes or acrylics.

After a year,  our furniture still has that NEW luster!  The chair featured on our home page is over two years old!

Volume Orders are Customizable

If you need a customized solution, we can handle it!  Typically, customization includes  the addition of a corporate logo,  but we can also provide custom colors.  There are additional charges for customized work, but simple customization is relatively inexpensive.

We can also custom produce “your design” for you from our marine grade polymer sheets.  In these cases, we will provide a bid based on your design specifications and volumes.

We can custom order some colors for you.  Give us a shout at 415 686-4098


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