We couldn’t find what we wanted, so we decided to make it ourselves!

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About Our Name


NOOTIN is a play on Sir Isaac Newton’s name.  While he didn’t discover gravity—he created the laws of gravity, meaning he wrote down how gravity works so that everyone could understand it. 


Still, we like the simple vision of an apple hitting him in the head, initiating all that followed—that great ideas can be simple.


For us, Nootin is essentially the same—Simple, Common Sense Ideas; expressed uncommonly well and executed with passion and pride.

Our Story

Our story is that we love to live outdoors.  Not in the woods in a tent.  Rather, in our back yards.  On the patio or deck, and on the grass or next to the pool.  The back yard is where our kids grew up.  And some of their friends too.  Maybe some family pets as well.  It’s a place for our friends and family to gather for food and drink, for laughter.  It’s a place to maybe watch flowers bloom, gardens grow, or simply to gaze at stars. 

Put another way, our backyard is an important place.  We spend so much of our “off-work” time there—so we wondered why is it that so many of us put up with outdoor furniture that isn’t worthy of our back yards?

Our story is that we are picky.  We think we deserve something special, not so run-of-the-mill, and certainly something that would make us even prouder of our back yards.

That’s where we started our quest; to find outdoor furniture that was truly worthy of OUR backyards.  We wanted furniture that didn’t require hours and hours of maintenance.  That cleaned up easily.  And was beautiful.  That fit with any décor.  That would feel great when we touched it, and didn’t burn our skin off after it sat in the sun all day.  It had to be sturdy—and, as a kicker, we wanted to be able to pass it all on to our children or grand-children.

Last, and not least, we wanted it to be recyclable—just in case the kids bought their own before we were ready to pass ours on.

Well, we couldn’t find outdoor furniture anywhere that did all that—but we found the material—high density polyethylene.  “What, you say?  Well, the rest of this web site will tell you all about it, but the bottom-line is that we decided to make our own furniture from this amazing material.  And with that, we are now in the outdoor furniture business—selling products made from this fabulous plastic.

Yes, but what about customer service? 


Admittedly, we started the company because of our great material, but our simple attitude carries over to customer service too.  “Treat our customers like we want to be treated.  And don’t let those who try to take advantage of us affect our good customers.  We will not bow to the lowest common denominator.


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